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Evolving our Wiki - A Presentation

The Avenue A | Razorfish wiki has evolved considerably since its launch late last year. It does some things well, a few really well and a couple terribly. So we're redesigning it. With that in mind, we're going to start talking about the redesign process here on the blog. We think it might be fun and educational to share the decision making and get some feedback too.

Here's a presentation that should tell you a lot about the current state of the wiki. It describes the wiki in detail and includes screenshots and usage numbers. Let us know what you think needs changing the most.


I was with AARF until the end of Aug 07 and I can only emphasize how great having the Wiki was. My advice is to migrate the AARF Marketing Intranet content to the Wiki and then switch that separate site off. Everything needs to be in one place. And of course people need to start sharing more documents and insights to make this even more powerful.
I'm now with a company that has multiple project based Intranets and a static corporate Intranet. I miss the Wiki!

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