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Wikis Within the Enterprise

The promise of wikis within the enterprise has been much touted. For example take a look at this ("Hands On: Why you need a wiki") article.

There are at least two areas worth mentioning that might still be needed however: One has to do with search (cf. Seth Godin's recent post) and the other has to do with strategy integration. (cf. Mike Yamamoto's article)

We’ve already seen how wikis have improved in their user interface (i.e. see article on JotSpot). Endeca’s recently patented Guided Navigation search engine might (arguably) help wikis reach their promise within the enterprise. (see Forrester's Vendor Report excerpt of the fee-based article).


I just saw the report that is quite interesting. I have to read it through as soon as I can. That will of course of great help to involve my company intranets in the trend of new technologies. ;-)

Best Regards,

Didier Masse

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